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There are numerous advantages of working with a Personal Trainer and aspire fitness have some of the most experienced and qualified around. We actually started out as a Personal Training company back in 2003!  We will provide support, guidance and motivation to make you leaner, stronger, fitter, healthier and achieve your goals.  We will provide you with the most appropriate exercise selection and instruct you on the safe and correct performance of it.  We will gently coax or kick your butt depending on what you need! You will definitely have some fun whilst achieving your goals.

Our trainers are extremely experienced in a wide range of training techniques.  They have experience of working with many different clients from people looking to improve their lifestyle, lose weight, achieve sporting performance or return to full health following injury or surgery.

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Personal Training Options & Prices

We have developed a variety of flexible, affordable personal training options to allow everyone to gain the benefits of working with a personal trainer.


Personal Training Memberships

One option is to sign up for a personal training membership.  These are our most popular form of personal training and offer amazing value for money (we don’t think you will find a better deal anywhere!)  Memberships combine personal training sessions with a standard gym membership.  This means as well as using the gym as often as you like, you’ll also get 1, 2 or 3 personal training sessions per week.  

                                                                          Direct Debit                  1 Month (card/cash)

Level 1 -   1 session per week                      £72 per month                £85 per month 

Level 2 -   2 sessions per week                    £115 per month              £130 per month

Level 3 -   3 sessions per week                    £160 per month              £180 per month

Level 4 -   4 sessions per week                    £205 per month              £240 per month

Ultimate -  6 sessions (3hours) per week    £280 per month              £320 per month




Personal Training Individual / Block Sessions

If you don’t want to commit to a personal training membership and would prefer to take your sessions when you like then you can buy packages of training sessions to use when you want.  This is particularly good for people who move around a lot with work or just want something a bit more ad hoc. 


         Gym Members Non-members  
1 Hour £25.00 £30.00  
30minutes £15.00 £17.50
3 x 30 minutes £44.00 £50.00  
10 x 30minutes £140.00 £160.00  
10 x 60 minutes £250.00 £275.00  



1:1 Six Week Fitness Courses
We offer three 1:1 six week exercise courses each focusing on different goals. The cost of each course is £450.00 per 6 week course and includes 3 x 60minute 1:1 personal training sessions per week and unlimmitted access to the gym and classes. The courses are outlined below.

TBT (Total Body Transformation Course) - An amazing 6 week body transformation course focusing on weight loss and toning,  on a 1:1 basis. The course is extremily effective and has many proven results. The course includes 3 Personal Training Sessions per week, strict dietary guidance, and use of the gym facilities. For more information on 1:1 TBT click here..

Back2 Exercise: Back2Health -If you've been away from exercise for some time, or have never exercised this is the course for you. This course will guide you back into a healthy and active lifestyle. For more information on 1:1 Back 2 Exercise: Back 2 Health course click here.

Basic Training Course- An intense and effective 6 week training course aimed at developing your fitness. This course will rapidly improve your general fitness level. Aimed at those who have a good general level of health and fitness, have been active recently, or have active jobs and want a swift sharpe inprovement. This course uses a combination of old school military style training combined with current sports science influences to gain you rapid improvements in general fitness! For more information click here.


Group Personal Training

You can share your personal training session and also the cost with up to 4 other people. For more information on Group Personal Training click here..









Thanks to the whole team for helping me with my fitness training for this year’s Cardiff Half Marathon – my first event at this distance. I didn’t just achieve my target time of 2.15, but smashed it with a time of 1.54.22!